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Sharewoman monatWhen I started as an Independent Market Partner, my greatest drive was EXCITEMENT about something new that I had found! I tried these products and really liked them. Naturally, I wanted to share the details and information with family and friends! For those of you who know me, I have no shortage of things to talk about:) I love talking to patients when I’m at work, I enjoy saying hi to neighbors and people I pass as I’m walking outside. I genuinely love to share about what’s going on in life or about something that I really like….
I relate this love of sharing to finding a great grocery store or restaurant, an awesome salon, a good sale or stellar deal on shoes or a new handbag…you know, something that you can’t help but tell others about so they can experience it too! I set out to be a resource, a place to find details and access to products. I do not have the desire to talk people into something if they don’t have any interest.

Instagram life is too shortHow many people do you know that have to be talked into a new Michael handbag? A BMW, Mercedes or Porsche?  A trendy new pair of shoes or an awesome pair of jeans?  Or even Under Armour workout clothes (even if they don’t plan to workout!!)? When a person wants something, they will read about it, talk about it, ask questions, etc. My goal with this group is to be a source of education and information. I want to share my knowledge, experiences and opinions so that you can be in the know about something new, something that has proven results, something that may be just what you’re looking for! If it’s a change in your hair, eyelashes or brows, I want to help you achieve what you want!

No one talked me into doing this…I would say that I kind of needed a little hand-holding and genuine follow-up to help me make a decision. Sometimes, I feel a little down about what I’m doing because I certainly don’t want to be viewed as a “used car salesman” or a “product pusher”…. If you know what I mean!?! I just have to remind myself of my “WHY” and get that excitement back. Even if no one does anything except read this or a few of my posts, I have done what I set out to do and that is to SHARE…. to provide access to and information about an opportunity and an option to do something different if you want! When I follow-up with you about samples, I am genuinely reaching out to help you. Kind of like I needed someone to follow-up and help me make a decision! Just a few thoughts that I wanted to share. Have a great day!!
For more information about MONAT, you can contact me at or visit my Facebook group page HairLuscious (JillSmith) or my Facebook business page HairLuscious.
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