Hair Goals… for me it takes effort!

I deem today… THOUGHT THURSDAY:) I have been thinking about more than just my hair. Really, I have…maybe I’ll write another blog post and share another day;) Anyway, I hope you will find some of my thoughts to be helpful in some area of your life!


This goal of nice hair may seem petty to some, but it’s something that I decided I want for myself. Now, I just have to make it happen. I have been giving of myself since Judd and I decided we wanted to have children. You know, like any mother does…we give our body when we’re pregnant and breastfeeding, we give our time and attention as we parent, we give our hearts as we love through thick and thin, we give our money to provide for needs (and sometimes wants). We do what it takes to teach and give what we think is best. For our family, that includes faith and trust in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So, in our house, we spend time reading the bible and taking our children to Sunday school in addition to praying and being thankful for our blessings every day!

Be yourself.

Well, in these times of raising our children, I have neglected myself. I have gone to work with wet hair, I have thrown my hair up in a messy bun more often than not, I have hid my dirty hair under a baseball hat when I didn’t take time to shower before heading to the store. I want those times to be the exception and not the norm! I developed this desire to get my hair back on track in the past 6 months to a year. Generally speaking, many people feel better, are more productive and are all around happier when they feel they look good or they take time to care for themselves. I realized yesterday that it’s going to take a little more than an awesome new line of products to have pretty hair. It’s going to take time in addition to some money, which at this point, I’m willing to put forth!

We often spend, or waste, money and time on things without thinking about our goals and desires for our life! Yesterday, I left my lunch at home and ended up spending $8.00 for an overpriced sandwich and a bag of chips. I didn’t take time to make sure I grabbed my lunch. It was packed the day before and sitting in the fridge at home. It was a healthier and tastier lunch than I ended up eating. Was it worth $8 for a bite to eat? Looking back…NO, I would rather have put my $$ into something that I really wanted!! But, this particular morning, in addition to several recent mornings, I failed to prioritize (saving money by taking my lunch to work is a priority to me). Hindsight being 20/20, I should have taken my lunch to the car first….before things became hectic with getting the kids out the door and myself off to work! Or, I should have eaten my “back up lunch” from the cupboard at work. Like a boy scout or even better, a mother,…I’m always prepared! It only takes one look at my gigantic purse to see that;) 

Anyway, trying to achieve a goal takes some discipline, it takes effort, it takes hard work and consistency. Think about trying to get back in shape, to lose weight, to eat right and lower your cholesterol or even to keep your home tidy! All of these things take time and resources. When we want something, we are willing to do what it takes! What is it that you want? Do you think you can afford it? Do you want to do what it takes to get it? If it requires money, consider this…


In one month, let’s say you go out to lunch 3 times per week ($24), get a weekly drink from Starbucks ($16) and a bottle of pop and snack from the gas station twice ($3). Maybe you do these things out of habit or because it’s easier. Are these purchases in line with your goals and desires? If not, then you’re wasting a total of $40 for the month or $480 per year! Kind of hard to believe when you add it all up. That’s a lot of money you could be putting toward something else. Maybe you spend your money on other things and can’t relate to going out for lunch or grabbing a drink. Whatever your thing may be… take some time to think about it! Generally, we can get what we want if we are disciplined to put our money and resources into it.

Maybe you want nice-looking, healthy hair like I do! Hair that has more shine, manageability and fullness, less dryness or oiliness, less frizz and breakage. If you do, you can get it! It just might take some changes. Do you currently use products that work to help you achieve your hair goals? Think you can’t afford Monat for yourself or your family? Well, think again! You may just find wasted time or wasted $$ from here or there, which you can put towards an investment in yourself! It feels much better to put our resources towards a goal or a dream, towards something with proven results versus wasting time, energy and money!

Monat is so concentrated that a little goes a long way!! Let’s breakdown the initial investment (yes… this is an investment in yourself… your hair, your health and your appearance).  One system is $99/$84VIP/$69MP, divide that into 3 products over an average time of 2-4 months and it comes to $11 per product per month. Consider how manageable this actually is and you can consider a switch to something that works! A sulfate-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly product line that will help you achieve what you want for your hair. Sounds pretty great to me! When we rethink our habits….we find areas where we can make a change to get the results we desire whether it be with our appearance, our health or our happiness! Well, don’t wait for the right time… get started right now. You can do it:) It won’t necessarily be easy. 



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