Want haircare that works?

Several months ago, I purchased these products from a salon ($44 with a “free” trauma treatment) at the recommendation of the stylist that I saw for that visit. She told me what I had been using, argan oil, was the worst thing I could be putting on my hair. Over a few months, I faithfully used her recommendation every day expecting dramatic and noticeable improvements in my hair! After using over 3/4ths bottle of this “healing” oil and trauma treatment on my hair, there was absolutely NO lasting improvement!


 I used one pump, approximately 15-20x the amount of the oil I use now. Monat Rejuvenique oil is so concentrated, it takes just 2-4 drops! I have been using it over the past couple weeks and WOW! My hair is moisturized, shiny and much healthier in appearance and feel. Many products on the market are filled with silicones and other additives that do NOTHING to benefit hair in the long run.

Rejuvenique soaks right in…it penetrates and treats the hair from the inside versus coating and masking the issues we want to correct.  Over the past couple years, my product drawer has grown as I have searched for the one great product that was going to be the answer! Well, I can finally say…I found it in MONAT! Another benefit…these modern, sleek and sophisticated bottles look so pretty!


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