Hair Care, Monat

Been there, tried that….

About 2 years ago, I read an article about the “no poo” method of getting healthy hair. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. Well, let me tell you…. don’t waste your time! Unless, you have a lot of time to waste! This “method” calls for using baking soda to cleanse and apple cider vinegar to rinse and condition. It claims to reduce overproduction of oil (after a few hellish weeks of crappy hair that looks dirty and gross… to say the least). Anyway, I think the goal is to get the pH back in balance with the alkaline-acid mix of the soda and vinegar.

What I can tell you is that it was horribly difficult to stick with because it took forever to comb through my hair afterward and inevitably, I would go back to using shampoo and conditioner just to have an easy and quick morning of getting showered and ready for the day!

After that experience,  I tried products recommended to me by a stylist. It was a set of Healing Oil and Color Care Trauma Treatment conditioner. Over the time I was using these products, there was absolutely no improvement in the health or the quality of my hair.  I was applying what now seems to be massive amounts of the oil. Every. Single. Day. And, my hair continued to be dry and frizzy.

These products weren’t cheap! I thought they’d be better than what I was using from Target but nope. I was disappointed and on a mission to find an oil that would actually penetrate, not just coat, my hair. My goal was to bring about restoration of my brittle, damaged hair. I found a blog with a detailed chart listing all these different plant-based oils. It was information overload and the thought of purchasing the oils to make my own miracle hair oil was too much for me to take on!

Not long after my mission to find a great hair oil, I came across a couple posts on Facebook about this hair care line. I requested a sample and washed my hair 2 times with the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. I followed the wash with the Rejuveniqe oil and it was amazing! My hair dried more easily and quickly, it looked more moisturized and it felt noticeably smoother! Now, I know this sounds so corny and crazy….especially because it takes a lot for me to love something, but it was love at first wash! My hair looked the best it had in a long time and I was hooked! I have been using these products since April 15th. 3 months and yesterday, I let my hair air-dry. Check out the amazing difference between air-dried hair before Monat and after!

It’s a great transformation if you ask me…and, I know there’s even better results in store. These products are working to treat my scalp and a healthy scalp will grow healthy hair. Results like this don’t happen over night and take some dedication and commitment. For those who are willing to stick with the products, there will be great results! I now have shiny, pretty, healthy looking hair that is growing fast. Speaking of that, the baby hairs around my hairline are getting longer and those areas are fuller!

If you have been searching for hair care that meets your needs, you need to try Monat! It is naturally-based, non-toxic, sulfate-free, and you can try it risk free for 30 days. You can review product details and information posted in my Facebook group HairLuscious (JillSmith) as well as place orders on my business page HairLuscious. There are 3 different ways to buy;  purchase retail with no strings attached, sign up as a VIP for special discounts, access to sales and free shipping or join me as a Market Partner for the largest discounts and an opportunity to be an independent business partner and earn commmission…if that’s your thing;) Please email me or message me on Facebook, if you have questions. I’m happy to help you find products to get the hair of your dreams!


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